Wednesday, June 1, 2011

We still love our chickens

We've had some new additions whose arrival has been overshadowed by the frolicking kids. A fellow backyard farmer had a chicken go 'broody' and before she knew it she had seven home hatched baby chicks!! She didn't have room at the inn, so we took them.

They all take after their roo-dad, who is an Australian Black Orpington, aka Austral-orp, but some are feathering out different colors.

They tend travel in a pack and look out for each other.

Being the new birds on the block, they've certainly been put in their place, even being chased by newborn goats less than a day old! They barely have coop privileges from the mother hens that rule the roost.

But they do just fine and love to peck, scratch, yak it up at the watering hole and hang out with the baby goats. It's hilarious how interactive the goats and chickens can be.

We think they may all be hens, but we've stopped trying to predict these things with out track record. Australorps are reliable egg layers when they get into production, which we hope will be soon!

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  1. Australorp??? Is that kin to as jackalope?
    You western types have such cool lingo.