Sunday, December 18, 2011

Wish We Had Acres would love to thank everyone who came out for Tour de Coops this year!  We estimated that 400+ people came by and took a peak at what we were up to and of course many of you had questions about goats.  We were honored with so many intelligent questions and the enthusiasm all of you showed about urban farming and animal husbandry :) 

For those of you who signed our guest book and left your email we will add you to our blog mailing list so you can keep up with what's going on here on the farm...and please post any comments or questions on the blog.  We will do our best to answer any questions promptly as we are glad to offer our advice to budding or seasoned chicken keepers. 

We hope all is well with everyone and wish you a Merry Happy Holiday season!

Farmers Dave and Laura 
   Wish We Had Acres

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tour De Coops!

Hey ya'll it's been awhile since we've posted's been a busy few months...

Some good news for Wish We Had Acres!

We applied to be on this year's Tour De Coops in Phoenix and we were graciously accepted to the tour along with 24 other chicken coop owner's and farmers.
If you'd like the details please check out

It is Saturday Dec 3 and the costs is $10 for a self guided tour across the can pick up your tickets at one of two check in points Duck and Decanter or The Grow House on Roosevelt Row.

Look forward at seeing you locals there and if you'd like to volunteer shoot us an email!

Please stop by our coop and get your picture taken with one of our flock or herd members :) Suggested donation is $1 per person :)

Cluck cluck,

From Dave and Laura of Wish We Had Acres!