Monday, November 5, 2012

Tour De Coops Kick-Off event

Tour De Coops Pre-tour Kick-off!

We were honored to be the host for the Valley Permaculture Alliance's Pre-Tour De Coop kick off event this past Saturday.  This year there are 30 coops on the tour all over the Phoenix metro (we are one of the stops on the tour this coming weekend Nov 10 8a-430p).  The event is in it's 4th year of existence and I must say it gets better and better each year.

This year we had a hootenanny at the farm with the Clucker Plucker's playing live bluegrass, potluck, slide show, kids playing, great conversations, and ended the night with a bonfire.

If you have ever thought about owning or currently own chickens, have a garden or other livestock this event is for YOU! Come check out what your neighbors are doing in the Valley and enjoy an amazing afternoon on this self guided tour. 

Tons of work has been donated to get this event of the ground and I am proud of all the volunteers who made this possible! 

Get your tickets here:

Thursday, May 3, 2012

something for everyone

Sonrisa is constantly curled up outside.

Champ is happier than a pig in sh--.

Lelu found a nap.
Peaches and Champ wore themselves out.
Pookie and her grandkids would love to run the lot... soon.

Daisy is just happy with all the grazing.

Under the cloak of darkness...

We piled all 22 hens into the back of the car. They woke up in their familiar coop. Later that day a crew helped us set up the chicken run and they were back to their dust baths and scratching in no time. No break in egg production!!!

Poor Copper had free rein roam the quarter acre a couple of nights on his own, clearing the garden greens left behind. He was our very last load and our farewell to Portland Street!

Annie Oakley's first freshening

And one short month later...

Annie Oakley gave us her first set of twins, both boys! The white and tan one is "Harley" and has been sponsored to stay with our herd. His gorgeous outlaw brother is "Buffalo Bill".

Earlier this spring...

The Wish We Had Acres herd gave us our first girls!! Born in the ides of March...

Meet "Tootsie"(left) and "Phoenix Rose" (right).

After 5 long months...

We packed our ugly boxes... and WAITED.
House papers!!!
Wish We Had Acres has MOVED to South Mountain.
5 days later... KEYS!!
5 hours later... we discovered first of 5 scorpions.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Holy Goat! We moved the farm!

Our successful transfer to the trailer!
A HUGE and humble thank you for everyone who spent a half day or more helping us relocate our farm and gardens. We have successfully, and in record time, moved our entire downtown Wish We Had Acres farm to our new home near South Mountain. The hens were moved so smoothly, they appear to show no signs of stress and egg production remains at its peak!! In the words of our keystone coop levitator, Wade Taylor, "Viva la omelette."

The Coop with a Stoop now resides under a shady Jacaranda.
 We hope our new farm will be sanctuary to all of our friends in time.

A special thanks to the Chicken Coop levitation team; Chris, Wade, Rubin, Alex,  Jeremy, Dave and Laura; and our camera crew: Wilson Taylor, Rachel and Christopher Alston. Many thanks to Wilson, Kat and Kendall for uprooting our gardens; Bree for battling the IRS to help us close on our house and for stepping in to watch the farm along the way; Ginger and Stu for the relief and staying power on our 4th day; Chris, Rachel and Christopher for the trailer that hauled the Coop with the Stoop down 7th street; and most importantly, Jeremy Prescott for the endless treks with truck and trailer for 3 full days!! We couldn't have done it without all of you. Collectively you all made child's play of an otherwise impossible situation. You made our dream a reality. Thank you, thank you, thank you.