Monday, August 29, 2011

Welcome to the FAM!

So it just so happens that one of our suspected hens was a roo so as soon as the suspect was confirmed hew as sold to Pratt's and in his place a handful of chicks and a turkey was added to the flock bringing our total number of poultry to 20!

On another good note we've been getting at least 2 eggs a day for the past couple weeks and is a sign that the weather is cooling down a bit and "Arizona Fall" is on the way.

We've graciously received several hundred pounds of veggies for composting/for the chickens in the last couple weeks and our compost/chickens are mighty happy!  Thanks to Kodiak Produce for donating that to Wish We Had Acres!

The boys are still for sale and hopefully will be in good homes soon.

Tried my hand at making a strawberry frozen goat yogurt and it was delicous so much so people said I should sell it! Next project is to make goat milk soap...

The summer is slowly coming to a halt and fall crops are being planned and if you have any suggestions feel free to submit them! 

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Man it's been awhile!

Well guys it's been a busy time at the farm...between milking, making cheese, mucking out pens (yay monsoon season), weeding, etc.  And on top of that school, work, and regular maintenance of the house...whew so much to do!

Anyways, we've tried our hand at a few simple cheeses and working on some plans for a cheese press.
So far what we've tried so far has been pretty delicious, stuffed shells and ricotta, mozzarella, pizza etc...all have been successful experiments.

The frozen yogurt seems to be a hit especially with all the fresh fruit in season right now.

We've sold two of our kids, to the owner of Bountiful Baskets, Dahlia and Timmy are now at their new home.

We are still getting about 3qts to a gallon of milk a day so feel free to come by and try some ;)