Monday, June 6, 2011

more joy in milking

It didn't occur to me I was taking the babies milk when I took over milking duties this morning, until Clarice, Tracey and Cookies enthusiastically informed me and watched with eager anticipation. Yes, I feel a little awful, particularly since I am a bit slower at milking than David and I know they are hungry... but I'm so proud of myself!! There is nothing quite as gratifying as finally nailing down the handling and pulling off nearly a pound of milk by yourself, one squeeze at a time! Without a kick... (Boomer usually tries to fuss and kick). I must be doing something right. She gave us 1.25 lbs of milk this morning, which is more than the last 4 days! I'm excited to have backyard milk again. We've been told it tastes like vanilla milk. mmm. 

And mom always has plenty for her babies. She is pretty crafty about holding her milk back. I'm shocked when she drops more milk for her babies after I pulled over a pound of milk off.

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