Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Pockets' Pail

Pockets was out for a break from the babies before a few folks stopped over for a milking demo. She had been quietly minding her own business nibbling a leaf here and a garden plant there. Some awkward conglomeration of noise ensued and it sounded a bit like someone had slipped on a banana peel and slid into a stack of pots and pans, except there were more hooves involved. We looked back and it looked at first like nothing had happened until I realized she had somehow managed to hook the food pail around her neck while trying to sneak some food. It was hanging pretty high on the milking stand, so it was impressive to imagine and I'm sorry I missed it. But we did let her wander around the yard for a bit for the photo op.

And since she couldn't actually reach the feed in the pail since it was now around her neck... she found more in the milking stand trough.

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